You'll Cowards Don't Even Stimhack

XxAuroraUser69xX 131

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No Plascrete, Magnum only, Final Destination

Big money, fast rig, deep dig

I usually devote my entire first two turns to getting out Magnum Opus anyway I can and getting my cash back up. Use your tutors to be aggressive, and breed the dreadful feeling that you can get into any server at any time you want as early as possible.

Use Atman and Femme to deal with problem ice, use Nerve Agent to create tangible HQ pressure so the corp will throw away agendas they don't think they can score, shard in the late game for more points and the occasional instawin.

G2G Fast

10 Jan 2015 whuppo


13 Jan 2015 GreatDismal

I tried out a few variations of this deck, and it really kicked ass. I did find that I never really wanted to play Nerve Agent, so I took it out. That reduced the need for MU, so removed Akamatsu Mem Chip and bumped up to 3x Astrolabe. With the freed up influence, I picked up Mimic to give this deck a fighting chance against Jinteki: Personal Evolution.

That left me with a deck strongly resembling the original, but with a wasted influence and a Hades Shard instead of a third Legwork. I think it's a decent tradeoff in most situations, as I rarely just throw down a random Legwork without good reason to believe it'll work and Hades Shard can represent a kind of Damocles sword against players that are over-reliant on Jackson Howard to protect them.

14 Jan 2015 XxAuroraUser69xX

Yeah good call on replacing the akamatus with astrolabe, without nerve agent there really isn't a need.

I deliberately removed mimic because I'm not a fan of non-boost able breakers with a suite of datasuckers. If you really look at the most common 3 strength sentries you really only have to worry about Architect and Neural Katana, so I figured my economy could deal with the two extra credits every time I encounter those.