Nasir Gone Rogue

BENJI9520 54

Hey! So I saw the no sleep for natman nasir and thought I would take a different take on it using the stealth kit of breakers with the Dues X thrown in for annoying PE decks or when I am in a pickle.

The engine is based on stimshop with using a stealth kit shell (lockpick, paintbrush, ghostrunner) to create a pretty heavy r&d lock. I use the interfaces after my engine is secure to get the lock going. Armitage is there in case I super need money early, but Nasir actually generates a surprising amount of wealth all on his own.

11 Jan 2015 Jashay

I don't think BlacKat offers any significant advantage over Corroder here. And Switchblade will chew through your stealth credits like you wouldn't believe.

Why #Paintbrush?

14 Jan 2015 BENJI9520

Updated decklist can be found here: