TWiY Grail/Midway

KGStormclad7 1

Based on the NBN Grail/Midway deck with some slight changes.

Eli instead of Wraparound, dropped Archer for another Lancelot and Excalibur(thought I'd try it as a one of), Wasn't a fan of the Melange economy, so I want to try Shell Corporation, and Anonymous tip for a bit of extra draw. I also like the NAPDs better than the Character Assassination, and I took out the Breaking news for another Project Beale since I don't have Archer anymore.

4 Feb 2015 unitled

I've given something like this a quick try; my version has a few little tweaks, probably notably -1 NAPD and +2 Breaking News and an Archer in there rather than the 3 Eli. It's really good fun, and it's given me a chance to take the Grail ice and Shell corporation both for a spin.

Have you found the reduced agenda density better? I'm tempted to put some 5/3 agendas in there as I think the deck is tough enough to keep the runner out for long enough to score them and it makes them much less likely to steal an agenda on a one off RnD access. Could an agenda suite look like 3 NAPD, 2 Executive Retreat, Utopia & Eden Fragment? That takes your number of agendas down to 7...

Also, I know you've published this a while ago, but have you given it a try since O&C came out? The card that really jumps out at me as being worth it is The Twins; that is brutal with the Grail ice, as you can easily give your grail ice 5 nasty subroutines. Combined with Midway Station Grid, they are losing their money, their rig, or their life... Shell Corp with a few creds on it is a perfect bait for the runner if they don't take your Twins install as an agenda.