A Wire, Some Stones and Ancient Wisdom

DrunkAlex 328

Older version with Faerie can be found here

Another tweaked version of my CT Sage deck. The biggest change is the program suite. The previous version contained Faerie+Overmind for Sentry/big program breaking. Combined with clone chip meant a lot of breaks, but also showed it's weakness. Without e3, Overmind can lose it's counters at a fast rate (Tsurugi for example) and the times when you draw 3x Faeries and 3x Clones Chips is rare at best.

The new suite brings a little more flexibility.

The basis is still the same: Your ideal hand is Modded, Dino and Lep. Sage goes on Dino, Garrote and Opus goes on Lep. Use Modded to drive costs down. This also brings Sage to S6 which is fine for most of your breaks. When you encounter ICE with S>6 you can go look for D4v1d. Therefore it is smart to keep a test run in hand (or use Same Old Thing later). Installing D4v1d brings Sage back to S5, but that doesn't matter as D4v1d covers everything above and e3 prolongs the counter use (essentially 3 breaks before you have to scavenge).

Adding D4v1d is a far better solution than simply adding MU. For 3 creds you've got everything covered above S5 without the need of drawing more Mem Chips. Cybersoft is crazy expensive (2 creds for a permanent +1S) and costs time you cannot afford, but the rest doesn't bring enough MU/card. Test Run D4v1d and you're done, problem solved.

I really want to try Code Siphon with this deck, but I don't think it has its place. The corp will never leave his/her R&D open so to use Siphon you need breakers and that is already most of your program suite. Might as well use diesel and find those other essential cards.

Econ is still tricky, even with Opus. Will propably need tweaking.

7 Jan 2015 Jashay

If someone hits the Leprechaun with, say, Power Shutdown, you are in serious trouble.

How rapid do you find your setup? Everything seems quite expensive.

7 Jan 2015 DrunkAlex

Modded and Test Run+Scavenge goes a long way in keeping costs down. Same Old Thing shouldn't be underestimated in how much it helps with playing those cards.

Test+Scavenge=Garrote/Opus (only 3 creds)

Modded= Dino (2 creds)/Garrote (4 creds)/Opus (2 creds)

In essence the econ isn't that much worse, compared to most other shaper decks.

Essentially sage is 2 creds for each type of breaker, but it's in 1 card. Opus works perfectly fine in fuelling Sage as most Code Gates and Barriers have 1 or 2 subs (weyland is the worst matchup). You could exchange R&D interface for Maker's Eye as the upfront cost is lower and switch out Dirty Laundry for Sure Gamble for more bang for your buck.

When it comes to setting up the rig, the fact that Sage is a fracter and a decoder goes a long way, but making all the parts fall into place at the right time is by far the most tricky bit. That's why a Sage deck is a hard balancing act to pull off.

Clone chip is a double protector. It can get things back from the trash and protect you against Power Shutdown (and the spare MU protects against Bad Times). The first version had Sacrificial Construct, but PS is hardly a thing in my local meta so I haven't made it a priority.