Little Girls Are Wiser V2

DrunkAlex 328

2nd Version of my CT Sage deck (First one found here)

Newer Version can be found here

Uphill now there have primarily been 3 ways to make CT+Sage work:

1) Ekomind + bigger hand size: Cheap to set up, but needs contant card draw to keep S up.

2) Sage + Cloud based breakers and no other programs: Makes use of passive econ, but misses out on great Shaper programs.

3) Sage + Dino and mem chips: Most expensive to set up, but IMO also the most reliable.

I find the Dirty Dan Deck an excellent example of a good program set up. For an explanation just check out his deck.

This deck focusses on 2 things: Getting out your hardware cheaper and multi access. The cards you want to see are: Dino, Modded and Leprechaun. Modded keeps the cost down and Dino+Lep give makes sure your MU stays low right off the bat. After that drawing into a Sage/Faerie/Test Run/Opus/Siphon is fairly high, with acquiring Opus+Overmind/Sage your highest priority.

The deck is pretty straightforward in other aspects.

Same Old Thing is great for flexible event support. Especially since Modded and Scavenge are key cards in the deck.

Stimhack for for brute forcing with overmind. Weyland is going to bring some big ice in the game and that makes this card practically mandatory.

Things that might need to be changed: The deck doesn't really have scorged protection. One or two plasters might be a good idea as it also doesn't have the inherent protection of an Ekomind+Public Sympathy deck. Also 1x Levy AR is never a bad idea with CT. Might add that and go 1 over the limit. I'm still on the fence with Code Siphon. It is a great card for tutoring, but R&D is on of the first things protected against Shaper. It's mainly there to tutor out Opus or Overmind/Sage if the test runs aren't working out.

7 Jan 2015 sruman

I'm sure you've considered but what about:

  • 3 faerie
  • 3 cyber
  • 2 Overmind

+1 Garotte (test/run scavenge target, smc+stim taget +3 SMC +1 D4v1d (scavenge target) +1 Test Run

2 of: RDIx1, Makers Eye, Diesel, FF ( for PE), Plascrete (for our evil friends), Levy (recycle clones, scavenges, D4v1d, events), e3 feedbacks (for Sage, Creeper and bioroiads) but to get 2 e3 would need dropping garotte for creeper or something. Overall sage level not as high, since no more cyber solutions but with Garotte+Magnum on a leprechaun and Sage on Dino it would strength 6 which leaves only the hated Curtain Wall, Hadrians out of reach and needing D4v1d.

That would seem to help with any issues with Blue Sun, give a sentry breaker that sticks around (although I guess 3 x faerie + 3x clone chips + overmind is alot of breaks), 4 more tutors (leprechaun, sage, magnum all important to get), and overall a very efficient breaker suite (garotte + sage + d4v1d) plus whatever benefit from the 2-of list.

I guess those are fairly number of changes, but interested in your feedback on those as I've always liked running CT and this seems a solid list (although having no P/W would seem weird :)

7 Jan 2015 DrunkAlex

@sruman: Al very good suggestions (basically a totally different deck ;) ). The main reason I didn't go for Garrote was because of the cost and having Test Run as the only tutor (with discount) doesn't make the most reliable combo IMO. SMC'ing for Garrote/Sage is also crazy expensive. I guess the best addition to this deck at the moment is e3 and D4v1d with Garrote up to taste.

In the end I wanted to keep it a little bit simple and then try to find a right balance.

I guess you could do the following:

-2 Overmind

-3 Faerie

-2 Stimhack

-1 Clone Chip (always have a backup)

+1 Garrote

+1 D4v1d

+2 e3

+2 Plascrete

+1 Test Run

And then it's still undecided if Diesel or Code Siphon is better option.

Plascretes and FF are also kinda more of a meta call. Done plenty of times fine without them and sometimes you just get a bad matchup.

As for PW. It's a great card, but this deck is already dependent on too many factors. I don't also want to add in stimshop.

7 Jan 2015 DrunkAlex

A newer version has been posted here