Constellation construction

scruffy6 21

Hello i am new to netrunner and am trying to make my first deck when order and chaos comes out. The point of this deck is to use the advanceable property of the constellation ice to create a way of making money through blue sun's ability. Constellation Protocol will allow the movement of advancement tokens from rezzed ice to other ice thus creating free money/advancement. Also Punitive Counterstrike will make flat lining possible even though i am not running scorched earth due to all agendas being 3 or 6 points, thus 2 Punitive Counterstrike will be enough to flat line them or in the case of stealing Government Takeover then its a instant flat line. The reason why i included Neural Katana is that it synergies well with Wormhole and The Twins because i can use Wormhole to cause 3 net damage then use The Twins to double the effect and flat line the runner.

21 Dec 2014 ktfod

Neat idea for a deck. I could see this same list working equally well in Weyland Consortium: Because We Built It because of the free advancements you get each turn, and even using cards like Changeling or Wendigo to invalidate a runner's rig if you can get a key icebreaker trash off of an Orion.

22 Dec 2014 zithith

I like it.

Since looking at the O&C spoilers I too like the look of Gov. Takeover and the Builder/Architect synergy (not sure why I'm not seeing more decks running Gov. T. - especially with the number of really good 1 pointers in O&C).

Quite a simple list, which is refreshing and I can see it working. I question whether the Nisei influence may be better spent another way?

24 Dec 2014 x3r0h0ur

I think you'd be well served to have 2-3 archived memories in your deck, so that when you find a punitive and 1 AM, you essentially have 2 punitives. It makes finding punitive take like 3 turns most of the time. It also synergizes with OAI and your various upgrades. I'd slot 2 over the caprice and drop 1 of something else.