A Green and Blue Room - Under Construction

paulxthompson 234

13 Dec 2014 Bananifier

Have you considered Trade-In? With that many key hardware pieces, it might actually be very good in this deck. You could do -1 Feedback Filter -1 Plascrete Carapace +2 Trade-In.

13 Dec 2014 paulxthompson

Hmm- maybe! I see all of the hardware as basically doing one of two things: link strength or memory which boosts ice breaker strength - so I'm not sure what I'd want to dispose of for the trade. I do want the e3s out earlyish though so if I was going trade in route I could probably drop one of those and use influence elsewhere.

Replicator is there as draw really and I'm thinking it might be better removed and replaced with diesel since it hardly matters to get duplicates out in this deck. Hmmm...

13 Dec 2014 Bananifier

Another thought : with Replicator and inside man, you could also go the Aesop's road. As replicator makes you draw automatically, you spend a click to gain 3 creds later. But it is very slow... I guess you'll have to test and see for yourself!

13 Dec 2014 JamesG

Seems to slow to me to work, unfortunately. Sage takes a lot to set to set up and the cost to Put a decent (> 4 str) Sage into the rig is massive, both in terms of credits and clicks. Once you have Sage you will be forced to break subroutines in a not so efficient way. I think you should abuse stealth credits, either from lockpick, Cloak or Ghost Runner. Also, you should find some space for R&D multi access. And |Trade-In, as suggested by paulxthompson, is really a good solution. You can drop one copy of E3, for instance, and use it for a 3rd lucky find.

14 Dec 2014 paulxthompson

Cheers both - I don't think I can get this to work yet - the more I think about the clicks needed to do so the more it seems like it'll not only be difficult but also quite boring waiting for it to fit together. Efficiency wise - dinosaurus gives it 3 but so would Deep Red and that costs a lot less. Maybe this kind of idea better fits anarch once we have mem strips and other memory manipulating cards in the next big box?

14 Dec 2014 paulxthompson

...and in anarch you have the cards to lower ice strength and could supplement with D4vid if needed.