"Here comes another winter waiting for utopia" v2

paulxthompson 234

"Waiting for hell to freeze over"

Mostly because I've not tried Noise yet, preferring the later more trixy anarch ID's, and usually playing Criminal or Shaper, and because at the moment the meta round our way is Anarch lite: we don't see nearly enough ICE on our Archives :-)

Nothing new I guess: Noises power trashes conveniently from R&D (this deck is more about the HQ) Hemorrage and Utopia Shard and Imp reduce HQ size for Nerve Agent to go in afterwards.

Ice wise... if anyone has a spreadsheet they could point me out listing all the ice types so I can get a feel for the crossovers between AP/Tracer and CodeGate/Sentry, I would be very grateful.

(deleted v1 - nowhere near enough memory and the Grimoire seems a better bet. Pity I don't have more than one of them. I would totally buy a 'complete the core set with some alt art cards and extra sure gambles and hedge funds, but I guess selling duplicate core sets provides better click efficienct econ for the corp)

Advice welcome!