[startup] Inflation is on the rise

mr_pelle 188

The next episode in my series of pretending to be a different faction after Jinteki-d NBN had to be NBN-d Jinteki.

Jinteki definitely has an ice problem in Startup: too few ETR ice and many that become very cheap to break in the mid-late game. But what if we keep the Runner's credit pool so empty they suddenly become taxing?


Let the Runner believe you're trying to kill them because you're Jinteki. After all, isn't the fear of Snare! enough to keep them on their toes?

The sole flatline threat is Saisentan, which in combination with Engram Flush could punish an incautious Runner, although most of the times is more expensive for us to rez than it is for the Runner to break.

Meanwhile, you're scoring agendas with the help of La Costa Grid and keeping the Runner low on credits thanks to multiple Gold Farmers, Reversed Accounts (which benefits from La Costa Grid), and NAPD Cordon which is effective on all servers at the same time.

23 Jan 2022 Diogene

Great idea!

Why not use more Regolith Mining License and less Celebrity Gift? This would let you be more secretive.

Thanks for sharing!

23 Jan 2022 mr_pelle

Thank you @Diogene! I've been playing more Regolith Mining License in early builds, but I noticed they tend to clog the scoring remote while the deck aims to be "fast". Celebrity Gift is a great burst economy card and most of the times I don't mind showing my Gold Farmers. :)