Little Girls Are Wiser

DrunkAlex 328

This is my first draft for an idea that popped in my head during a lazy sunday morning. I find Sage a pretty cool card. Not only is the flavour and artwork awesome, but once you get in going it's pretty efficient too. Sage's sweet sport is ICE round the S4-6 mark. Anything lower and it's about as efficient (or less) as corroder/gordian blade, anything higher and you need to invest in it's S. Personally I think this is the best way to make him as efficient as possible (CT+Dino+Sage). I've read about hand size and Ekomind, but that requires even more work and makes his S fluctuate a lot more.

Dino is for Sage. Leprechaun is for Garrote and MO. This keeps the MU free for Sage. At base S he's S6 (4 free MU +2 from Dino). Use CyberSolutions to efficiently add more MU (you can see it as 4 reds for a permanent +2S boost). Sacrificial Construct is to protect your Leprechaun tree. Escher is to bump curtain wall back and reduce it's S from 10 to 6. If your card draw isn't going in the right direction you can always install stuff anyway and later scavenge it onto the appropriate places. Rest is pretty self explanatory I think.

Things to consider: Lots of hardware and programs are pretty expensive. Thinking about making room for 3x modded. What it will be I'm not sure, although I might remove Sure Gamble. MO econ engine is a power on itself, so doing without Sure Gamble is possible.

Comments and critique are welcome.