SlySquids "Mother F****** Deck" v1.1

SlySquid 4667

"F*** it, I'm going faster!" ~ SlySquid

This is MaxX kicked up to 12 (after all the help I've got from all you wonderful people!), it pressures every server as fast and as painful as posable and is looking to do almost twice the clicks worth of s*** any sane runner would feel comfortable doing...

I think that this is the consistency that anarchs have been looking for, with your archives acting like a "sideboard" you are burning threw your deck and getting FLOODED with options!

A few things I found in testing, first WANTON DISTRUCTION IS MVP! I knew it was good, but my god it's three times better than I had thought it would be... Second would be my console, I started with two Spinel Modem but found I never wanted to play it so I took them out for Desperado and a chip because I just wanted to play what I got for the mem and I thought that was the best option, but I thought like an idiot! Two Box-e is a way better option for the mem and it mitigates a few brain damage. Lastly would be the breakers, after hearing all the great ideas everyone had about my "StimCells" deck I revisited a few cards to shore up a few weakness that the old deck had, and that was accessing cards in archives protected by Lotus Field, I tried Gordian Blade at first but then after testing I never wanted to play it, so I felt Knight would do the same thing but also make me more aggressive at the start and get me the accesses I wasn't able to get in remotes and my newest addition is the Femme that replaced to Mimmic...

Over all the deck has won before turn 8 every match but one and is hands down the best runner deck I've ever played! The level of control, aggression and consistency is second to none... Get ready everyone MaxX is the deck to beat IMO

"Some say sims are bad and you should stay in school, studying your Vids, I say jacking in all jacked up kicks the tits out of math cast" -MaxX

5 Dec 2014 karmaportrait

How many times have you used Singularity? Serious question.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

It's a great question @karmaportrait, and honestly I haven't come into many situations that I've needed it but that's the beautiful thing about having two copy's of a card in a MaxX deck, if you need it you know how to get it and Déjà Vu is like a super tutor =)

But I did come into one time that my friend was trying to leverage the fact that I was only using Eater to play run events and started to try and score out in a remote, I had Singularity and Quest Completed in my hand and because his centrals were so easy to get into I chose to get all the accesses with then Quest Completed for the agenda BUT if the roles were reversed and he had a deck like Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within that locks up the centrals ASAP I would have been all over the Singularity....

And I'm also going off a prediction that Shell Corporation and Self-destruct are huge threts when combined with traps, most notably Cerebral Overwriter and anytime I see that I'm going to be glad I have a card that can blow the fuck out of servers in my toolbag =)

But the main thing is that because you're pitching twice as many cards as your drawing it makes like a "sideboard" of cards you can access IF AND WHEN you need them, that's what makes Shapers so powerful, having the edge case tools accessible if and when you need them... That and it's a fucking cool card lol

5 Dec 2014 AKirkland

Yeah, Singularity seems like an odd choice. Is it just to deal with SanSan? Why not use Imp instead?

I like the deck a lot, though I'd probably put in a third Wanton Destruction? The first time you use Amped Up in preparation for a Wanton Destruction run and you end up taking the Wanton Destruction as brain damage you're going to be very annoyed, haha!

5 Dec 2014 AKirkland

Whoops didn't see the previous comment before posting about Singularity. If you're worried about traps it seems fair enough.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

It not just traps, it let's me get accesses with only Eater in play also, it's just a super versatile card to have access too

5 Dec 2014 pandemicmoose

Awesome deck, I can't wait to try it out. How do you deal with Crisium Grid on R&D? Knight + Femme to break and Siphon to keep their ice count low?

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol I love you name @pandemicmoose! But ya, I don't know yet... That's the card that will give me the most problems but like you noticed, I do have ways to get Crisium Grid out of play so it shouldn't be crazy hard...

That and I can alway put pressure elsewhere till I get an answer for it...

But good catch =) I'll let u know how I fair against it when I sees it...

5 Dec 2014 Rallenkov

It seems like Crisium Grid could ruin your fun pretty hard. I except to see a lot of them if Wanton Destruction really gets out of hand.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

That's a good point @Thaarl, it will be annoying to say the least but I feel with the knights and the level of aggression this deck brings I'll still be able to sqeak out a great game win or lose...

And you're hearing it first hand, Wanton Destruction will most definitely get out of hand! It's one of the most powerful cards in the game, hands down... If you thought for a split second that Account Siphon was to powerful than get ready for your new nightmare!

5 Dec 2014 Rallenkov

I wonder if the deck might better if you use Quetzal together with 3 Earthrise Hotels. Quetzals ability for early pressure is awesome and the Card Draw of the ERHs is even faster then MaxX without the drawback of discarding key cards.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

You are in the Wong Ming set, make no mistake, milling the cards is a MASSIVE benifit!

You really need to try the deck to understand what I'm talking about...

Even if you simply think along the likes of "in a normal game I wouldn't see these cards anywho" but the fact that they are fully accessible with Déjà Vu, Same Old Thing and Retrieval Run turns that "draw pack" into a huge fuckin push forward making the deck hyper efficient, consistent and aggressive...

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Wrong mindset lol****

5 Dec 2014 Rallenkov

I see, I guess I really do have to try it to crasp it. Btw Wong Ming is awesome :)

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Right!? Lmao... It's cause I respond wile working so I don't get time to catch the messed up shit auto correct does...

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Right!? Lmao... It's cause I respond wile working so I don't get time to catch the messed up shit auto correct does...

5 Dec 2014 juliandark

@ThaarlYou are not "discarding key cards", that's the point - heap is you second hand. with quetzal, in a 10 round quick game vs NEH, you will see perhaps 15 cards and it will cost you quite a lot of clicks/influence/money to see them, the rest will just sit in your stack, doing nothing - with Maxx, you will see 15 for free and as an added bonus will have another 20 in archives that you can bring into play.

5 Dec 2014 DGB123

Hi SlySquid this is a great deck and it looks like loads of fun to play too, thanks for posting it and I'm looking forward to building something similar when O&C comes out. I was wondering if you've considered inject as it's another speed boost and you can string it together with amped up for some power turns (steelskin helps here too). You don't have many programmes so inject isn't going to misfire often, in fact it would help filter the programmes once you have eater and keyhole installed.

5 Dec 2014 slevin38

You are most likely floating tags, so why no Data Leak Reversal? I'm also curious if Stim Dealer might be worth it. Make the Corp worry about trashing both the Dealer and Josh, it keeps the pressure up for the Corp to keep up with Maxx's speed.

5 Dec 2014 slevin38

And why not 3 Wanton Destruction?

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@DGB123 frankly I don't feel it needs to be any faster, and with more draw power you run the risk of burning out so fast which could spell disaster if you catch a few hiccups along the way that push the game to long. I underestimate the draw when I built the deck and I can whole heartedly say its enough =D

And thank you grot the kind words sir and I'm very glad you like the deck!!! Cheers

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@slevin38 although Data Leak Reversal is great options and works fantastic for mid to late game, every card I have in the deck is the leverage the aggression she brings to the early game, much like Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie she wants to play fast and loose...

But before I had the Box-E's suggested to me I was considering pulling out the Amped Up's for DLR's, but the way the deck is now it does exactly what I want, maybe that changes down the road and I add it, because I was already so close to adding it before...

I'd love Stim Dealer but like all deck builders are challenged with, space became a huge limitation, more than most decks for me because Eater makes so many underplayed cards super viable! Maybe I lose Joshua B. for it at one point, but I just feel he's cheap and conducive to the speed of the deck...

Thanks for the great thought provoking questions!

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

And @slevin38 the simple reason I didn't put three Wanton Destructions in my deck is because I didn't want all my eggs in one server, had to make room for the other tools in my bag and I find that two copy's is hell'a consistent with my lady MaxX... Three of the 4 games I played I got at least one (or had it, sometimes two accessible)

Keep in mind after 5 turns you have seen 15 new cards, and you have a shit load of ways to get that jazz out and doing work for you!

5 Dec 2014 slevin38

@SlySquid Fair enough! I am definitely going to try it out! My biggest fear is Closed Accounts for the deck.

5 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I was too @slevin38, until I realized Day Job get you back in no time!

6 Dec 2014 Freeman 1.0

I love Max, and i really like your deck. As we say in Spain: "Con un par de huevos"

My ask for you: do't you prefer Public Sympathy instead of Box-E? cause this card alows you rise the hand size more than the hardware and let you to keep the influence points.

6 Dec 2014 slevin38

@Freeman 1.0 Box-E also gives the memory though

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@Freeman 1.0 it's like @slevin38 said, it gives both hand size and memory which are both needed equally...

And because Box-E is so efficient I can have more fun in the deck wile it does all the heavy lifting alone...

7 Dec 2014 weepinggorilla

You might be aware of this, but there's a lot of debate over whether or not Steelskin fires if you get hit by a fatal Scorch or fatal >1 net damage. Without trying to solve the issue here (I personally think Steelskin wouldn't fire, but I feel a little unsure after reading through many threads of debate), which way have you been playing the card? If you've been playing it as flatline-canceling, would you still run it if it turns out that's incorrect? Either way, how is Steelskin performing? Great deck, stoked to try it out.

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@weepinggorilla I've been playing it that I don't draw till after the full amount of damage has been resulved...

So mainly I hold 5+ cards one of which is a Steelskin...

And it's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

So I'm excited to say I had a few more games with the "Mother F****** Deck" v1.1 and I won all my games, a bit of a disclaimer that the decks were not using cards from O&C but they were all Jinteki so it's no real change IMO...

First was against my good friend Trent who some of you my know as TPSVIPER from OCTGN, and he was playing Nisei Division: The Next Generation... It was a longer game but from the word go I was in control, between the Account Siphon and Keyhole I managed to grind threw to a win, we all agreed that had I not have muddled around afraid to just play with balls I could have had the win earlier... It was also the first time I used Levy AR Lab Access and it was a fantastic card letting me extend my game for a fair amount of turns... The singularities played a major part in this game because in desperation he was Mushin No Shining out cards like a mad man hoping to land something, but turn after turn I was able to remove all the remotes and focus on controlling HQ...

Second was against Glitch and he had a modified Worlds Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within deck that tried hard to shut me out with Caprice Nisei over HQ, and let me tell it it was a pain, but unfortunately you can only have one working at a time and Keyhole made short work of this beastly deck, I can say that I honestly didn't feel as "in control" of the game that I had against other decks like fast advance or trick/trap decks, so it was fun to feel like it was anyone's game...

Lastly I played Trent again who switched to PE and it was a blood bath!!! Steelskin is such a unique card in that you can use it against runners with simple ice like Pup and jazz. I had Keyhole the Scorched Earthearly and wasn't worried so much about it and wanted to beef up my hand, so I made a run hitting the two subs on Pup drawing 6 cards and his face went white because he knew I was going to come hard and fast again next turn...

Over all this deck gets better and better the more I play it, it's so fast and sets up in the blink of an eye, I was even keeping hands I felt were weak to see how it faired and it did not disappoint, I'm not one to brag but I think I stumbled on to something great here...

7 Dec 2014 paddosan

It would be interesting to see how it fares against trace intensive NBN decks with cards up to The Source (especially Shoot the Moon), and/or new Weyland Consortium archetypes with the identities from Order and Chaos.

I've been trying a Making News deck with a lot of tagging and it's quite difficult to avoid all of them. If possible at all. Bernice Mai can possibly ruin a Wanton Destruction, forcing you to save some clicks to clean the tag and/or to trash that upgrade.

Troll is another nasty little piece of taxing ice, given how it can't be broken. Rezzed for just 1 credits, pump the trace to 4 with the 2 recurring credits and it costs you 4 credits or click, which makes Wanton Destruction less powerful.

Yeah, I've been working on possible solutions to the one card from O&C I too feel it's extremly powerful. ^^'

Anyway, back to your deck... a Patch on a Wormhole or Checkpoint could prove problematic to handle. Since Knight only goes up to 7.

What worries me of this deck is mostly the economy. There are only events and running with Eater can be taxing.

In your games did you ever have problems with your economy? There must be times when Account Siphon, for example, doesn't provide much income due to the layers on HQ, and corps are getting richer nowadays, so they can rez ice much more freely.

That being said and all, I think the wide range of options you have in this deck is what makes it really troublesome for the corp. I'm not entirely sure, however, that MaxX is any better than a simple deck full of extra draw and with the same kind of recursion.

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I did a short break down video....

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@paddosan all great points and most of which I truly don't have an answer for ATM, simply put, I never see those decks so I don't really know how viable a "tag storm" deck can be... What I will say is it need to be able to fend of a crazy amount of early aggression from MaxX...

In regards to you thinking it could simply be replaced by another ID tells me that her true power is hard to see without playing as and/or against her, she is apsulutly the right ID for this deck and I feel she is as top teir as you can get... And a fuck load more fun than Andy ;)

7 Dec 2014 4ofNine

In the past you have always spoken out against using Account Siphon in Anarch and your hate for Siphon recursion. What changed?

7 Dec 2014 paddosan

@SlySquid hah yeah I bet it is!

Any new Identity takes some time getting used to, though, and I'm talking mostly about "how to face them", rather than "how to use them". In my opinion it is infact (much) harder to react to new things for corps, rather than for runners.

Back when Creation and Control went out, I won every single game with Rielle for quite a long time, for example. But once players got used to it, it went back to a much normal win/loss ratio. It might be the same for MaxX / Edward Kim and Valencia Estevez, although it seems to me there's little that can be done against Blackmail recursion, thus far.

I didn't try her out yet, though, that is true. I've actually been focusing more about playing against the new runner cards from O&C. Wanton Destruction will be a major problem, to deal with, so I kinda feel the need to have a reliable solution asap!

Oh and cheers for the video, very interesting! :)

Singularity might not work against Self-destruct, though, since they don't need to wait for successful run to blow the server up. They just let you spend some credits against the ice and blow everything up before you reach the end.

P.S. facechecking with Eater should maybe be called tasting? ;)

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I think using it as a crutch is what I don't like @4ofNine, I don't mind it as a mix or even the ability to recur, I just don't like the almost solely income denile based decks...

I feel it a tool that I have accesses to and not something I'm reliant on...

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

TASTING, flawless... You sir win a gold star =) *

@paddosan I totally miss understood where you were coming from and I'm sorry, but now I'm on your page brother and I had dent thought of the comparisons you brought up, very well said and I guess all I can say is it simply feels really really strong, maybe it is because it's new, I guess time will tell...

Thanks for liking the vid also!

7 Dec 2014 paddosan

No worries @SlySquid, and you were right anyway: only by testing her on the field, one can evaluate her real strengths. I'll make sure to do that, there's just so much new stuff that I got my hands full already! :)

7 Dec 2014 GammaCodeX

So how does this go against jinteki? PE style attrition traps and all that jazz? The match where you are actually worried about your stack depleting and just getting null each time you try to pop?

I picture the fast access to the heap helps but holding your pointers to it might be problematic when the volts hit, and even though a break at the lab will give you more time, i think that could be a dangerous hack. Any experience?

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Very true say @paddosan!

7 Dec 2014 SlySquid

@GammaCodeX first I wish I could write in character like you, fun and very well done =)

Next, I played three dif Jinteki builds last night and had no problem at all, just control the money to turn off most traps and slow down install and really pressure Wanton Destruction if they are getting 4-5 cards in hand...

And any trappy remote that comes up and get Singularity'd out of the game...

It's really strong against small ice, low income decks...

7 Dec 2014 GammaCodeX

Glad you liked it. I study software engineering so i guess its an easy character haha :D

I can see that. Makes sense can't wait to get my hands on this pack, and play this deck! Im also the weyland player in my meta so doubble the hype! But this is the only runner ID im this amped about in quite a while! Keep up the good work Sly can't wait to see more decks from you! (i still play your replicating taxes deck :P)

7 Dec 2014 bionicsheep

I am so pumped about this deck, it looks incredibly fun to play. :D

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Thanks a bunch @GammaCodeX! Deck building is my favorite part of the game so I'll keep posting them if you keep reading =)

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lmao! Love the name @bionicsheep... I'm glad you see it's potential brother and I can't wait for you to try it, I hope when you do you post about your experience =) You could win one of two prizes, first if I every come to your town I promis never to hit on any of your family... Second, if you and I were every trapped on an island and it came to caniblisum I'd sacrifice myself for you, and not even haunt you after! Maybe I'd use my new found spirit body to tell ships your stranded, but I'd also tell them not to judge you for eating people, you know in your heart you did the what you had to do to survive... Lol

8 Dec 2014 DrunkenGineer

@SlySquid The rules mention that cards discarded due to damage have an order. To me, that seems to imply that as the card is discarded, it triggers immediately. I wouldn't be surprised if the ruling went the other way, but I think Stoneskin should protect against an otherwise fatal amount of damage.

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I hope your right @DrunkenGineer, but till I see it I'm going to be play testing it the worse of the two ways just to be fair... That and I'd rather the card get better after testing than worse =)

8 Dec 2014 Exo

Now that you use Box-E and have one more MU, you could change Joshua B. (like you talk about on your youtube video) for Datasucker. It would make Femme Fatal more efficient and save credits with Eater. Lamprey could be great too if you prefer non stop action. :)

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

That's a great point Exo! I can say that I really don't have money issues but it could really good if and when a game goes on long... But Joshua B. is a real beast in this deck, having the equivalent to 6 clicks every turn is huge, and even if it's the corps plan to kill him over and over, it only costs a credit to play and is another way to control what little econ and time they have...

8 Dec 2014 Exo

Cool I get it more why he's part of your deck even if he'll end up trash it doesn't matters because they spend a click and 2 creds! Thanks for the answer! :)

8 Dec 2014 SlySquid

No thank you, it's great to get these questions @Exo Because I'm not great at write ups so to be able to flesh out the ideas and choices I've made and didn't talk much about is great for everyone!

9 Dec 2014 d1en

Man I wish I had the creative juices to look at MaxX like this. Definitely will give this a whirl!

10 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lol thanks @d1en, and I wish I had half of your skill...

11 Dec 2014 chrispedersen

Hey sly, how are you testing? Proxying all those cards???

11 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Yes @chrispedersen, I'm proxying a lot lol but it's with two guys whom are also playing and trying spoiled stuff too, and we are all very comfortable with the cards...

12 Dec 2014 Glitch

I can confirm how crazy this deck is to play against. It's so fast and efficient, it's really hard to get a leg up when playing Corp against this. I am really not looking forward to seeing this across from me at tournaments.

21 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Has anyone proxied this up and gave it a whirl...? I'd love to hear how the games went!

22 Dec 2014 saltytacopanda

-1 Joshua +1 DLR?

22 Dec 2014 SlySquid

That could be lots of fun, I think I need to try a whole dlr variant @saltytacopanda...

24 Dec 2014 yogybear

You desperately need to learn how to spell properly.

24 Dec 2014 SlySquid

I've heard that before @yogybear... Sorry

24 Dec 2014 Abstract

Have you thought about using Comet as a console instead of Box-E? Box-E seems great, but the idea of getting a free click for an additional run sounds really good to me too. Or D4vid instead of the knights? Just throwing out ideas,

24 Dec 2014 SlySquid

That could be sick @Abstract! I'll def have to try Comet, but as much as I like D4v1d Knight is more versatile and gives me the early accesses I need...

26 Dec 2014 4dd150n

@SlySquid I say your spelling style is "unique" or "creative."

26 Dec 2014 SlySquid

Lmao spelling style!!! I'll use that from now on @Addison

6 Jan 2015 bcavalier

I'm absolutely trying this with Comet when it comes out. If I wanna try to free up some slots for some secret idea's what would you lose? Quest Completed? Or something else?

6 Jan 2015 SlySquid

that would be hella fun @bcavalier...

I'd say prob drop an Account Siphon to get some influince back and maybe one Singularity or Quest Completed...

Dropping down to single copy's of your situational events is not a terrible idea, but I'd still keep those cards in...

I can't wait to see all the fun MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock decks to come!!!

10 Jan 2015 psoto

My game's not at a point where I can read a deck list and visualize a game with it. With that said, The strength of this deck is obvious, and the first I've net-decked. Am looking forward to running with this.

10 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Wow, thanks for that @psoto!

So have you actually played it!?!?!? I've been waiting to hear of people playing it... TELL ME EVERYTHING LMAO

16 Jan 2015 trogdor

Have you played with this enough to find the weaknesses? It just looks so strong, but there will inevitably be something that hurts it (outside of mistakes during play). Between this and your Provoke2Purge deck, which do you prefer?

16 Jan 2015 SlySquid

@trogdor, burn-a-nating me with compliments!!!!

So that's two tough questions, first, I'm finding NEARPAD to be a tough match with all my decks, MaxX included... But I feel that's just a super solid deck and not sure it's a hard counter so much as I find myself doing a lot of the heard work for it but tagging myself early but after a few games I realize you just need to pull a few punches an not always go for the Account Siphon play, you need to pace a lot more against it... All my other matchups have been crushing wins, I'm sure I still have a lot to learn but there is huge room to grow and tech with this deck and if I want to win matches and lose friends I take The Mother Fucking Deck no question, MaxX is out for blood!

So, I've yet to proxy play me P2P deck, it's more of an outlet for me to maintain my love for janky combo decks, unlike my MaxX deck I don't feel it'll ever be "top tear" but I've never said I was a top tear player, I love building and testing and this is an idea I've wanted to do for a long time now so it will be fun to play but now that I bring to any qualifying tournaments...

Again, thanks for your intrist in me and my out of the box ideas and please let me know if you play either deck and how it does!

16 Jan 2015 Exo

I guess it wasn't intentional but when you said that this deck is top "tear" instead of top tier, it was kinda a funny puns lol.

17 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Lol @Exo... I'm a tool

17 Jan 2015 trogdor

Hades Shard is amazing. Have you considered finding room for Utopia Shard or is Wanton Destruction more than enough?

17 Jan 2015 SlySquid

Oh my is Wanton Destruction more than enough @trogdor!!! It's a god card...

25 Jan 2015 juliandark

Thing about Utopia Shard is it's reactive, unlike wanton destruction. Vs Blue sun, which will be one of this decks problems, if they score Atlast with a counter, they can sit with 1 scorch or SEA in hand, and you don't know it. You can suspect, might wanton, but still not hit it. Then they just mandatory draw second scorch, Atlas the missing piece and boom. But I guess you will have to deal with it, because this deck really doesn't have influence for anything else, taking out one boxxy makes drawing a console unreliable and that Femme can be a lifesaver for 1inf. Let's just cross fingers for Steelskin in hand :)