BlackKate-Saurus replicatus refracting the dagger

PeterPan 275

Good bye Yog, good bye Morning Star, welcome Blacky and Refractor.
Since I loved my idea with morning star and yog, i didnt get it to work sadly. With the stealth progs of the new cycle i reworked the deck.
Idea is to host the Blackcat on Dino and the other two breakers on omni drive, sparing mem and giving you another recurring cred.

Ptouch is optional and situationally:
- Dagger for Archer, Flare,Snoop or breaking smaller sentries without power up (think this is the breaker to choose)
- Refractor makes imho only sense if Encrypted Portals are scored
- BlackCat only to break Heimdalls (inner) Curtain wall and (unadvanced) Hadrian or if superior cyberwalls pull barriers out of range.

Most barriers can be broken now withot boosting the strength, annoying Eli is now one smiling stealth cred. Weyland OAI'd Curtain Wall is also no expansive problem. Only for breaking Cell portal you need to power up refractor more than once. Almost all sentries can be broken by only one power up (even un-ptouched) Think to concentrate on only one out-of-faction Stealth-hardware makes more sense with replicator (finding faster, getting one = getting all). Silencer or Dyson Fractal generator? Choosed Silencer because most things can be handled by BlackCat without stealth.
Still need to playtest. Perhaps there is a Stealth-Overkill.
The four free MU's can be used with 2 cloaks and the MO. Once the akamatsu is out, install the third if needed. Test-run/scavenge for MO, or use Test run to tutor/bring back programs from trash and scavenge to rearrange them onto the Omnis/Dino if needed. Net Celebrity for more Recurring and to clear annoying Corp currents like ELP and Manhunt or Lag-Time. R+D Interface for multi-access and modded for installing them / Dino / MO. FF for annoying PE an cerebral overwriter.

Thats the idea - got to see how it works. Advice is welcome.