Harmonious 1.0

tacullu 67

A take on the new Jinteki ID, but on 44 cards.

After icing up Centrals and getting through early-game, it's trap-gambling with Mushin no Shin, while advancing Shadow. If they run the gambled installation, they're either lucky or dead.

If not, ToL away from Shadow or the trap, and make them feel the pressure.

Thoughts, people? :)

7 Jan 2014 nbove

Scorched Earth seems inaccurate in this deck. You really don't have reliable ways to put tags on the runner, essentially you are hoping to get lucky with a snare into scorched play. That seems like poor way to spend 4 influence, especially against an experienced player. Further it just doesn't play to the deck's strengths.

On a different note, I really like the inclusion of Cerebral Overwriter in this deck. It has amazing synergy with Mushin No Shin. Putting 3 brain damage on the runner is incredibly strong and means that hitting a single snare or landing a ronin becomes lethal. My suggestion would be to drop the Scorched and put in two more Overwriters.

The last thing that stands out is that this deck has absolutely no economy cards outside of 3 hedge funds. That just isn't enough. Consider finding room for Celebrity Gift and Green Level Clearance.