Blue Sun's Lunar Damage Casino

paulxthompson 234

Blue Sun/Oversight AI is kind of like a Celebrity Gift, Weyland Style: it allows you to publicly showcase your threats for money:

"Here's what you could be facing, next time on Blue Sun's Damage Casino":

Damage coming in the form of Net, Brain, Meat, Programs and Hardware to encourage the runners to have answers to all of the above. A range of asset traps to encourage caution when running our remotes. And similarly range of ice that both damage and also allow us to answer AI only runners, Femme Fatale's, Parasites and Yog/Datasuckers.

I love Flare. I've never met a runner who enjoyed meeting Flare.

16 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

(version 2 needs a Mushin No Shin)

17 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

First outing played well (I swapped Pad Campaign for Private Contracts just before playing) - I had much more economy than I needed but since this is rare for me, I'm not yet willing to take any out just yet.

Lotus Field kept Yog at bay as intended, and flipping between Flare, Janus and Curtain Wall was a canny threat. Could do with an equally tough Code Gate I think (Viktor 2.0?) or maybe just a Wendigo.

Swordsman was pretty useless during the games played, but I think as soon as I see someone using AI breakers more, it'll turn out ok.