Next Foundry of camelot

PeterPan 275

Swap Eli for Next Gold and 1 architect & 1 mother for 2 Excalibur (1 architect & 1 eli till gold is out)

16 Nov 2014 Regicide

I like this deck! It should be noted that Mother Goddess does not gain the subtypes of other ice until she has been rezzed, according to the new FAQ just published by Fantasy Flight.

17 Nov 2014 Four_Leaf

Would Reina just stomp this deck with rooks, etc? Economy doesn't look strong enough if they get a quick Xanadu. What is the game plan at that point? I like the concept of the deck, but variations that I've tested just get trounced by reina. I would like to admit that since I haven't played it much, I could be playing it poor and definitely am playing it at a sub-optimal level.

18 Nov 2014 Jashay

Boot Camp would be better than the Industrial Zone, I feel. Less savings, but cheaper, and more flexible. Also, both your economy operations are 'win more': Early game, when arguably you need more money, both are lacklustre.

@Four_Leaf: I think it would be okay; only Merlin is over cost 4, and at 23 bits of ICE he could afford to overwrite a bunch to get rid of the Caissas. Although, interestingly, if they put Rook on Architect I don't think there's anything you can do about it.

24 Nov 2014 lolpaca

Weirdly, I made almost exactly this deck just now...

Main difference was I used Corporate Troubleshooter instead of Ash. Not sure which is better though. Might be nice to land some net damage or a program trash with the troubleshooter.