Recycled Dogs V4 - "A Dogs Breakfast"

paulxthompson 234

Exile had found his niche, he'd pick up the broken rogue dogs from his old professor at the Levy and graft new code onto them.

The sysop postgrads at Levy had used them for target practice in their research project destroyer ice, but the old man had figured out that they had retained residual echoes of the servers they'd been constructed on. Echoes that could be exploited, and they remembered the pain.

He'd always had a soft spot for broken things, and besides, once returned to the corporate servers, the Dogs seemed to have an appetite for ice that burned through their remaining energy far too fast. They didn't seem to mind. It looked like fun and they could always regrow the corrupted code.


Removed Sure Gamble in favour of Modded and an Aesop's Pawnshop, mostly because I don't like the theme, and reckon I can make plenty use of those.

Anyway, probably enough economy considering I can tutor for Magnum Opus and have a couple of other bits and pieces.


I guess the idea is to get an Astrolabe out pretty quick to draw you some cards, but you don't really get much of a choice when those turn up.

Replicator is handy since most of the hardware is only really useful in multiples, and any of those multiples are a pretty good place to start. It'll also help get cards you don't need out of your stack and into your hand which will hopefully be able to accommodate at least 7 cards, but if it can't they can go on the Personal Workshop


The point, I guess, of this deck is to find out how well the LLDS Processor works when fielding the dog breakers during a run using Savoir-faire, Clone Chip and Personal Workshop I've not really used them before so will report on how it goes.

A little damage is probably fine, as we've got Clone Chip and Test Run to get our programmes back and anyway, having a heap to draw on is our modus operandi.

Levy AR Lab Access and Same Old Thing are pure failsafe (and I admit that Levy is only in here because it got mentioned above) in case the damage gets out of control.