Worlds 2014 Top 12 - Jesse Marshall

DonutTaganes 2522

This was the Corp deck that I took to top 12 at Worlds 2014. HBFA with cheap but powerful ICE, plenty of money and some defensive potential as well as aggressive options.

Undefeated in Swiss rounds on day 1.

11 Nov 2014 chaosjuggler

Pretty nice deck, after playing some games at my local game store I made some changes:

-3 SanSan City Grid. I found that these were getting trashed from R&D and HQ too much and I was never actually getting to use them, making them a waste of 9 influence, which I think I could use better elsewhere.

+3 Oversight AI. This is the replacement I chose to use my influence on. Being able to spend a single credit to rez an enormous ice for free is essential to the operation of any EtF deck. Because of this, I made some changes to the ICE too:

-3 Paper Wall. I just don't understand this card. You play it and then it goes away once they find a Parasite or a Barrier breaker? That's not what I want my ICE to do at all - this card isn't nearly taxing enough for my style of EtF deck. -1 Quandary, in a similar vein.

To replace these ICE I added 2 Janus, 1 Heimdall 2.0, and 1 Hadrian's Wall (using up my remaining influence) to have some ENORMOUS ice to keep the runner out.

Great deck, and I think my changes have propelled it to the next level. Thanks for the inspiration!

11 Nov 2014 jawZ

@chaosjuggler You don't understand. This is a form of Fast Advance, not a Glacier deck. Paper Wall is just for cheap early ETR. Who cares if its trashed later on, it's not taxing anyways, just install another ICE later on.

Congrats Jesse, great performance! Looks very solid, midrange style without the NEXT ICE (being susceptible to Parasite). I like it! (great podcast btw =)

11 Nov 2014 DonutTaganes

Thanks @jawZ! Glad you're enjoying the podcast too :)