Chaos without brain (10th place at worlds)

SeIverin 3125

Fast stimworkshop with multiaccess.

10 Nov 2014 burzum51

No public sympaty ? never afraid of Net damage ?

10 Nov 2014 Prox

How'd this do?

Played against a similar deck at Worlds that ran BOX-E to negate the brain damage and Deus X to protect against a fatal net damage hit. It also ran bigger ICE, which i think made the Stimhack risk a little more worthwhile.

10 Nov 2014 Prox

bigger ICE *breakers rather

10 Nov 2014 demonsquirrel

What's the Personal Evolution matchup like?

10 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Bad. I should take 1 deus ex instead of same old thing

11 Nov 2014 jawZ

You could also go Feedback Filter, since you can afford it with Opus. Have you considered using ZU.13? Would like to hear your thoughts on the comparison. Congrats on the good performance!

11 Nov 2014 SeIverin

I cant search for feedback filter, so 1 dont change much. Why zu if i have gordian which is better?

12 Nov 2014 Diegofsv

Thats pretty much awesome. Way to go!

13 Nov 2014 Lorgar

Well done, Selverin! Amazing to reach the Tops with CT/Tennin. I saw your matches in the livestream. You showed them that we Europeans also can play the game. Thx for posting! I really like your CT! Greetings from Berlin!

13 Nov 2014 evilgaz

Did you come up against any Str4+ Sentries like Archer or the Ichis? How do you think you'd cope?

Good looking deck though, like its focus and congratulations on your placing!

13 Nov 2014 grogboxer

I played an extremely similar deck (except with Kate) and went 5-2 at Worlds, published on netrunnerdb. Your solution to Str4+ Sentries is generally money/Stimhack+Femme. You can't do that forever, but you can do that at opportune times. And NEH usually plays only 1 Str4+ Sentry, Grim, which you can just insta-Femme off Workshop or with SMC as needed. And the bad pub is great in a PW deck.

Excellent deck, Selverin! I don't have the guts to play a deck with Femme and no Scavenge. I asked you briefly at Worlds why no Scavenge and you just smiled and shrugged. :)

13 Nov 2014 SeIverin

No space for scavenge. There are more impotant cards.

13 Nov 2014 grogboxer

You mind if I ask your opponent IDs? Was it mostly NEH or did you see any RP?

13 Nov 2014 SeIverin

I played 2 pe, 1 rp and 5 neh

13 Nov 2014 slevin38

Have you tested against Blue Sun: Powering the Future?

13 Nov 2014 SeIverin

Blue sun is good matchup. Dont rush and just take mo.

14 Nov 2014 Boduse

will you replace corroder with Cerberus?

14 Nov 2014 slevin38

Why would you use Deus X over Net Shield with no recursion?

14 Nov 2014 SeIverin

There is recursion - test runs.

19 Nov 2014 AZDevil13

Are you planning on dropping Corroder for Cerberus "Lady" H1 and using the influence elsewhere?

19 Dec 2014 igelo

I'm testing the deck by dropping 1 corroder for cerberus lady and adding 2 box-e for brain damage padding. love the deck and i've watched it several times on the team covenant youtube channel.

22 Dec 2014 RumpleForeskin

If you already have Personal Workshop, why go for Legwork instead of HQ Interface? Is it to catch the corp by surprise?