Recycled Dogs V2 - "Bring out your Dogs"

paulxthompson 234

Exile had found his niche, he'd pick up the broken rogue dogs from his old professor at the Levy and graft new code onto them.

The sysop postgrads at Levy had used them for target practice in their research project destroyer ice, but the old man had figured out that they had retained residual echoes of the servers they'd been constructed on. Echoes that could be exploited, and they remembered the pain.

He'd always had a soft spot for broken things, and besides, once returned to the corporate servers, the Dogs seemed to have an appetite for ice that burned through their remaining energy far too fast. They didn't seem to mind. It looked like fun and they could always regrow the corrupted code.

7 Nov 2014 esutter479

Your ideas get better and better, Paul. :)

I wonder, though, about having ProCon and Mopus in the same deck. Do they get in each others' way at all? Also, do you reserve the Same Old Thing for Levy AR Lab Access, or is it completely flexible?

8 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

They're just there for the sake of diversified economy and card draw should the other stuff fail to show up, but yeah I'd like less conflicts there. I'd like to find room for Daily Casts and Modded as they fit the theme.

I hardly every use Levy AR Lab Access but I always think it could come in handy as a failsafe if the trashing happens faster than I planned for. Same Old Thing is then a failsafe for my failsafe, but I'd have no problems using it on an extra Scavenge orĀ Test Run.