Recycled Dogs

paulxthompson 234

Exile had found his niche, he'd pick up the broken rogue dogs from his old professor at the Levy and graft new code onto them.

The sysop postgrads at Levy had used them for target practice in their research project destroyer ice, but the old man had figured out that they had retained residual echoes of the servers they'd been constructed on. Echoes that could be exploited, and they remembered the pain.

He'd always had a soft spot for broken things, and besides, once returned to the corporate servers, the Dogs seemed to have an appetite for ice that burned through their remaining energy far too fast. They didn't seem to mind. It looked like fun and they could always regrow the corrupted code.

6 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

(I need more memory - would quite like to get some Dyson Chips in and if I had some of those i'd like some underworld contracts, but ah well, still experimentin')

6 Nov 2014 moistloaf

It really irks me that your average citizen does not recycle. We need less dogs filling up the landfills and more dogs being modded for darknet wetwork. If this deck manages to educate even a few ignoramuses about the benefits of recycling, it was well worth it. I suspect it may even force many a Corporation to rethink its own wasteful policies.

6 Nov 2014 Flipmaester

dog deck Dog Deck DOG DECK DOG DECK!!!!

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

-1 Astrolabe, -1 R&D Interface, +2 Memory Chips of some kind to keep the dogs happy.

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

Actually I might give him public sympathy instead of plascrete...

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson
7 Nov 2014 4dd150n

I like Public Sympathy more that Plascrete Carapace too. It allows for all damage, self-inflicted or otherwise.

I'm still dabbling in Shaper but do you find Clone Chip and Scavenge are enough to get you though the game while using exclusively disposable breakers?

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

Public Sympathy works for me here because theme but also because I've got nine cards for pulling things out of the trash - six of which can do it during a run and benefit from LLDS. So I don't mind having cards trashed: Clone Chip, Scavenge and Test Run

In answer to your question though, From the games I've played using disposables, I rarely run enough to get through them, but I probably don't have enough experience to answer that, as my... um... meta only consists of a handful of other people who don't seem to use heavily iced decks - I see a lot more Snares, Shocks and Agressive Secretaries than I do ice. I can never build a deck without Deus X :-)

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

I'm trying to resist the urge to put in Levy AR Lab Access as a fail safe. I've had it in a few decks and unless it's been in Anarch/Duggars type things I rarely get to use it.

7 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

Newer version:

7 Nov 2014 4dd150n

@paulxthompson It's OK. My meta is currently my wife (who hates this game so much she is figuring out ways to go back in time to murder both William Gibson and Richard Garfield) and a friend I am trying to convert from M:TG. Other than that I just get stomped regularly on OCTGN.