Knights Move by Folding Space.

paulxthompson 234

Plan A:

We want Savoir-faire and Deep Red installed and Knight in hand so we can run and install when needed. Deus X for traps and Femme Fatale for expensive emergencies. Overmind is a backup.

Plan B:

Hemorrhage + Nerve Agent + Surge to empty some of HQ into archives and maybe take what's left (hopefully things of value).

Thinking Out Loud:

Djinn hopefully benefits Plan A and Plan B, by providing Memory for overmind and Tutoriing for the viruses.

But maybe Overmind should be Darwin in this case.

2 Nov 2014 paulxthompson

Oops - I don't have three Djinn so dropped a Sure Gamble and added two Dirty Laundry - figuring they'll have double benefit on the Hemorrhage plan.