Manhunt : Celebrity Counterstrike Live

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Our celebrities each lead a team of ex-forces specialists and convicted murderers hoping for a stay of excecution: Can they shoot shoot the runner before the NAPD catch up with them? Our cameras catch all the action.

Tune in at 8 for "Manhunt : Celebrity Counterstrike Live" with Jackson Howard: Will he 'Push The Button?'

This evening: Accidents happen when teams clash in the lobby of Li Towers, bioroids malfunction and tempers are pushed to boiling point. Who will survive and who will be our Midseason Replacements?

At 9 in "Manhunt Extra : Scorched Earth Yet?" Elizabeth Mills's behind the scenes interview with International Playboy Thomas Haas and technology superstar: what went wrong' this evening with the latest in tracking technology: codenamed 'Hellion'?