Agenda • Adv: 3 • Score: 1

If there is another copy of Megaprix Qualifier in either player's score area when you score this agenda, place 1 agenda counter on this agenda.

This agenda is worth 1 more agenda point while it has a hosted agenda counter.

"Win Hard or Lose Hard. All that matters is they're talking about you and not the competition."
- Tan "Nitro" Nyugen, Toretto-Extreme Team Manager
Haas-Bioroid • Krembler • Uprising 96
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Megaprix Qualifier
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Gotta go fast!

Psudeo 3/2 for HB With some conditions, mini food as it'll never be worth it's full points to the runner.

I think this is a strong card and could make a sports rush/fast advance build viable. With 3 Food, 3 Megaprix, 3 Virtivus and 1 ???

Oh and I guess spombo runs this.

(Magnum Opus Reprint era)
What's Spombo? —
@BlackCherries -- Using lots of low-point or negative point agendas (News Team, Domestic Sleepers, etc.) out of Sportsmetal, then you win with Game Changer. —
Maybe 3 Food, 3 Vitruvius, 3 megaprix and 2 Hyperloop Extension? —