Hardware: Chip • Install: 1 • Influence: 3

The first time each turn a run begins, you may look at the top 2 cards of your stack.

1credit: Reveal the top card of your stack. You may install that card if it is a program or piece of hardware. Use this ability only once per turn.

"Overinflate a superposition-stack and optimal code forms the negentropy traverse."
"Aha, like putting too much air into a balloon?!"
Criminal • N. Hopkins • Uprising 77
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Prognostic Q-Loop
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  • NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Does Prognostic Q-Loop require the Runner to pay the install cost when they use it to install a program or piece of hardware?

    Yes. Effects that allow players to install cards require them to pay their normal costs unless specifically stated.


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