Hardware: Chip • Install: 0 • Influence: 2

trash: Set aside the top 6 cards of your stack. You may install 1 program or virtual resource from among the set aside cards, paying 2credit less. Shuffle 3 of the remaining cards into your stack, then remove the rest from the game.

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Anarch • Elizaveta Sokolova • Uprising 69
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  • NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Are cards set aside with Gachapon still on top of the stack? What happens if another effect moves or shuffles cards within the stack while Gachapon is resolving?

    Cards that are set aside are in their own zone and are no longer in their previous location. See the notes on the set-aside zone, above. Other effects that manipulate the stack cannot affect the cards from Gachapon while they are set aside.

    How do set-aside cards interact with Paige Piper?

    Assuming no cards have been installed earlier in the turn, Paige Piper meets her trigger condition when Gachapon installs a card. The install is the end of an instruction, so the Runner can only use her ability in the reaction window immediately after that checkpoint, before the other set-aside cards are shuffled back into the stack or removed from the game. Paige's ability will not be able to trash the set-aside cards.

    Are cards set aside with Gachapon faceup or facedown?

    Faceup. The set-aside zone is a public zone, so cards are set aside faceup unless otherwise indicated.

    What happens if the Runner uses Gachapon with fewer than 6 cards in their stack?

    The Runner sets aside all of the cards in their stack, and may install one of those cards if appropriate as normal. If there are 4 or more cards left after this, the Runner chooses 3 of them and randomizes them to form their new stack. If 3 or fewer cards are set aside after the install, all of them are randomized to form the new stack.


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