Agenda • Adv: 3 • Score: 1

Whenever the Runner steals another agenda, you may forfeit this agenda to gain 5credit and add the stolen agenda to HQ.

As the documents show, for eight months they have operated as an entirely independent fiscal entity. We are as appalled at the carelessness as you are, and fully support City Hall's investigation.
Weyland Consortium • Krembler • Downfall 55
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Divested Trust
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Can the Corp use Divested Trust to stop the Runner from winning after stealing their 7th agenda point?

    No. The Runner wins the game while Divested Trust’s ability is still pending.

    If the Corp uses Divested Trust to snatch a 3-point agenda from the Runner, but the Runner steals that agenda again, how much damage does Punitive Counterstrike do?

    Punitive Counterstrike looks at the printed agenda point value on each agenda at the time it was stolen. Since the card moves between zones between the two times the Runner steals it, the game does not consider it to be the same agenda, and Punitive deals damage for both times it was stolen, for a total of 6 damage.

    If Media Blitz is copying Divested Trust, can the corp use it?

    No. Media Blitz is neither an agenda nor in the score area, so it cannot be forfeited.

    What if there are multiple agendas in Archives while the Corp has Divested Trust scored?

    The Runner accesses cards in Archives one at a time in the order of their choice. After an access is complete, they then choose the next card to access. They do not have to choose an order for all of the cards up front. The Corp will have to decide whether or not to use Divested Trust each time the Runner chooses to access an agenda, without knowing the order that any other cards in Archives will be accessed.


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