Hardware • Install: 4 • Influence: 2

Whenever you access cards from R&D, access 1 additional card from R&D.

Works best at your own desk.
Shaper • Reza Ilyasa • System Core 2019 50
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R&D Interface
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It sometimes happen, but a popular card remains without review. So here I come.

But what to say ? Such an obvious use.

So let’s go for a comparison.

Vs The Maker's Eye — RDI is more expansive but stay on your rig. Also, every copy of them stack together. RDI is a better option if you want to hit R&D over and over again, while Maker's Eyes is better to check it once in a while. But they goes well together, and if you plan to take 3 slots for R&D pressure, a mix of the two is really nice.

Vs Medium — Obvious choice for Anarchs. Less expansive and allow deep R&D dig, but takes 1 . Also vulnerable to virus purge. I tend to prefer Medium, but 3 influence points outside of Anarch deck can be scarce.

Vs Globalsec Security Clearance — The new comer for R&D pressure. Apart the link restriction to install and the it asks to be used, it hardly makes a true R&D lock, since you don’t see what the Corp will draw if they spend click for.

Vs Indexing — More a support than a contender, methinks, at least in faction. Out of faction, it can be a powerful one-shot R&D threat (or more with Same Old Thing), but the ever-popular Jackson Howard can make it hard to play.

In the end, thank you dear reader for having wasted your times with this review that didn’t learn you much. Here, have this heart-shaped smiley <3

(Data and Destiny era)
Ok, I'm pretty sure English isn't your first language, so I'm not trying to be derisive, but it's expEnsive, not expAnsive :) . Expansive means large or spread out. On another note, thanks for giving some love to these cards that don't have reviews yet. —
Thanks, I'll try to remember :) —
Hey, thx for this really nice description. I was wondering if maker's eye + RDI allow to access 4 cars in a run or not? Ty for the answer ^_^ —
@karyuuka, yes, it does —