Resource: Location - Ritzy • Install: 3 • Influence: 2

The first time you avoid or remove a tag each turn, you may install a card from your grip, lowering its install cost by 1.

A classy alibi.
Criminal • Marko Fiedler • Reign and Reverie 13
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Thunder Art Gallery
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  • ANCUR UFAQ 24 [Michael Boggs]

    The Runner has Forger and Thunder Art Gallery installed when they access a Snare!. If they avoid the tag with Forger and install a Sports Hopper with the Gallery, can they use the Sports Hopper to draw more cards to survive the incoming net damage? Can the Runner install and use Bio-Modeled Network to prevent the incoming net damage?

    The Runner uses Forger during the prevent/avoid ability window while Snare!’s ability is in the “trigger” state. Thunder Art Gallery triggers and resolves as a chain reaction during this window. Once it is resolved, the Runner can continue to trigger relevant prevent/avoid abilities, such as Bio-Modeled Network, including a Bio-Modeled Network installed during that same window with Thunder Art Gallery. The Runner cannot use the Sports Hopper in this situation, as it does not have a prevent/avoid ability, and there is no window for standard paid abilities during access.

    The Runner has Citadel Sanctuary, Thunder Art Gallery, and Autoscripter installed. At the end of the Runner’s turn, they use Citadel Sanctuary to remove a tag, triggering Thunder Art Gallery. Does the Runner gain a click from Autoscripter if they install a program with the Gallery?

    No. Players cannot gain or spend clicks during their discard phases.


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