Agenda: Research - Security • Adv: 4 • Score: 2

When the turn on which you scored Viral Weaponization ends, do 1 net damage for each card in the grip.

Quicker and deadlier than ever imagined, the trial was an outstanding success.
Jinteki • Michał Miłkowski • Whispers in Nalubaale 94
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Viral Weaponization
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  • ANCUR UFAQ 23 [Michael Boggs]

    If the Corp has a rezzed Genetics Pavilion when they score a Viral Weaponization, does the Runer draw 2 or 3 cards if I've Had Worse is trashed?

    The Runner will draw the full 3 cards. Viral Weaponization triggers at step 3.4 of the Corp's discard phase, which is still part of the Corp's turn.


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