Resource: Virtual • Install: 3 • Influence: 3

All ice is encountered with its strength lowered by 1.

In the public consciousness, there's a hard line between corp and runner. In the real world, things are a little more porous. The corp need the best hackers to run their networks, and some of the best hackers are ex-runners who like the idea of a regular paycheck. But sometimes things run the other way, and someone on the inside makes something like this.
Anarch • Adam S. Doyle • Revised Core Set 15
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Ice Carver
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This card creates some mixed feelings and really depends on the breakers you are running. For most rigs it means you save 1 cred per ICE (I ignore Stealth Breaker for this discussion), which means when you get it early enough it will save you the 3 creds you used to install it. But you also need a slot for it, so it should save you another 4 to become a sure gable. Will you break 8 ICE a game? Usually you will, so when you get it early it makes sense. On the other side as it is unique you don't want to have 3 offs in your deck and the other 2 become dead draws. So is it worth the deck slot when you see it late?
On the other hand, when you have rigs that have awkward strength boost like Lustig or Passport it might save you more then one cred on a piece of ICE, main problem is, this are mainly criminal breakers and are currently rarely imported into anarch, while the question is, can criminals include it into their decks?
On the other hand, currently we have the heap breaker (Paperclip, Black Orchestra & MKUltra) which beside of Paperclip have this 3 creds pump strength by 2 & break 2 subs. Especially against Fairchild 3.0 the first pump breaks nothing, similar ICE would be Ichi 1.0, Tollbooth, News Hound and Cortex Lock. So currently Ice Carver shines together with this breakers as for some ICE it will immediately save you 3 creds to break subs and you can see this is a great efficiency and within the anarch faction. So until these breakers rotate Ice Carver is a very strong econ card that can save you dozens of creds during a game. And it has to be seen as a pure econ card that can replace one Liberated Account in terms of value.

(Sovereign Sight era)
The one issue here is how fast you get to install it. The value of 2 dead draws is real, and can be fully avoided through Paige piper. —
I would say since a long time you see this max. as a one off in many Anarch Decks and this is based on the meta how many ICE this might offer a discount for. e.g. against DNA Tracker this does nothing, you would need Datasucker to create value. —