Identity: Natural • Link: 1 • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15

Once per turn, you may jack out when you encounter a sentry.

"Credits spend anywhere in the worlds, but there are other forms of currency."
Criminal • Adam Schumpert • Democracy and Dogma 40
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Nero Severn: Information Broker
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You know what's really scary? Facechecking a Komainu without a sentry breaker. Or an Archer. Or an Architect. Or an Ichi 1.0. Or, god forbid, a Janus 1.0.

Point is, sentries kill people (or, at the very least, severely maim them). Being able to facecheck early with relative impunity is incredible for an aggressive runner, and Nero Severn: Information Broker lets you do just that.

... Just watch out for those Merlins.

(Democracy and Dogma era)
Better yet, watch out for Wormhole. After all, you're getting the corp to rez all of their sentries. —