Identity: Division • Deck: 40 • Influence: 15

click: Flip this identity.

The Runner pays 1credit more when spending a click to remove a tag (not through a card ability).

Flip side:

click: Flip this identity.

You may pay 2credit fewer when spending a click to trash a resource (not through a card ability).

NBN • Maciej Rebisz • Data and Destiny 1
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SYNC: Everything, Everywhere
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Sync is a fun little nugget. The look on the runners face when you remind them that it costs 3 to shake a tag can be satisfying. Flipping over after an Account Siphon to trash a few things at 0 credits can be pretty neat. It won't make you a bacon sandwich though, so I have to shave a few points for that.

Overall I give Sync a 72/100.

(Data and Destiny era)
Can you give us some pros/cons? your review is kind of vague —