Ice: Sentry - Destroyer - Morph • Rez: 6 • Strength: 3 • Influence: 2

Lycan can be advanced.

While Lycan has an odd number of advancement tokens on it, it gains code gate and loses sentry.

subroutine Trash 1 program.

"It's weird. I hit the server again and it was like a totally different piece of ice was waiting for me. Lost my root daemon. I shouldn't have nested them seven deep."
Weyland Consortium • Wylie Beckert All That Remains 89
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Lycan is a Morph ice with the ability to trash programs as a Sentry or Code Gate when advanced. This type of subroutine is non-existent on Code Gates, with exception to Grail type ice, and can serve an unexpected surprise. This, unfortunately, is the only upside to using this card.

Expensive, cumbersome, and porous, Lycan sits at three strength, weak to the omni-threatening Mimic and cheap to break. It also requires an additional click and credit to advance to it's surprise state, in comparison to Wendigo, which starts in it's most powerful type. The strength once again makes it vulnerable to the other efficient scale-less breaker, Yog.0.

  • Cheaper alternative: Nebula
  • Robust & powerful alternative: Grim

Still, despite all of the weaknesses to it's competition, some may find a use for Lycan in matches against very aggressive face-checking Runners. With the plethora of advanceable ice available, I guarantee you the least they will be expecting is this runt of an ice.

(All That Remains era)