Asset • Rez: 2 • Trash: 3 • Influence: 0

click, click: Place 1 power counter on Docklands Crackdown.

The install cost of the first card the Runner installs each turn is increased by 1 for each power counter on Docklands Crackdown.

Neutral • Alex Kim • Up and Over 72
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Docklands Crackdown
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There's an abundant documentation about "click compression", with a whole generation of student making thesis about it, experts and consultants working hard on it, some Fields medalists putting it in equation and Nobel Prize of Economics laureates refining it day after day, so I'll just give a reminder for rookies around here.

In Netrunner, you must try to maximize the use of your and/or deny your opponents ones the best you can. Also, 1 = 1 as long as you don't play econ cards, so if your deck doesn't improve this rate by at least 1.5 (conservative estimation), go back to your homework (or netdeck, there is not shame to that). Let's just point out that you can deny your opponent through denying , but for that being efficient, you better deny a lot of money with the minimum and you can.

That said, let's analyze Docklands Crackdown : it allows the Corp to deny a few to the Runner at the expense of a lot of .

And that's bad.

(23 Seconds era)

While this card is very bad economically, there might be some use for it. If you can somehow get this behind two different pieces of ice, and then destroy the runner rig, it might take them a long time to recover. The main issue with that plan is that if you have two different pieces of ice, and the runner don't have a rig, just scoring agendas is usually a better plan. The only time I have had it work for me was in conjunction with Project Ares. My opponent where convinced it was a trap, so I got it up to like 10 counters, got a crackdown up to one and scored the Ares. Sadly Project Ares is also a bad card.

Against runners that don't care much for remote servers, this might be a way to punish them, but probably not much, as they can just ignore it in a lot of cases.

(Station One era)