Upgrade: Region • Rez: 2 • Trash: 4 • Influence: 2

Whenever there is a successful run on this server, do 1 net damage.

Limit 1 region per server.

Despite its appearance, the Hokusai Grid is the most notorious research facility at Jinteki.
Jinteki • Emilio Rodriguez • Humanity's Shadow 95
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Hokusai Grid
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Hokusai is starting to see some use in Jinteki decks that tax more than just clicks and credits. It is expensive to trash, and with some prickly assets like Hostile Infrastructure and ICE that is dangerous to pass through, it can lead to a critical mass of pricks that makes it very dangerous for the runner to run. Seen most often on Archives in Industrial Genomics, that is a perfect example of its use - protecting those face down cards, and adding another bite to the Shock!s that are going to be in there already.

(The Underway era)